Dear Prospective Client
Glad for the USPS payment confirmation to your mailbox today. As stated earlier in our terms and F.A.Qs, enclosed with the letter is a Check which covers your first payment of $450 and the assigned Expert/Technician to complete the carbon fiber installation and kit delivery at your preferred location. You're to Deposit the check across the counter at your bank or electronically using your bank mobile app on your phone/ATM Machine. The check clears immediately in most cases or they ask you to wait for 24-48hrs to have the cash. Then send the deposit receipt picture to David at 530-321-0705
or via email at to schedule the best appointment time & date for installation or Kit Delivery at your location.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs):

   FAQ:  Why do I need to get and deposit funds for the Expert payment & Supplies with my first check ?

ANS; We've always mail out checks separately in the past until we noticed that the assigned Expert or Technician usually cashed the check immediately and proceed to the participant's location to complete decal installation or Kit delivery. Only for the Tech agent to get reports like; Clients traveled on vacation, currently out of town, family emergency and other personal issues. Thus, resulting in losses of money paid to Expert and supplies wastage over the time. This is why we mail a check that covers your first week payment and Supplies fund to make sure both parties get ready at the same time.

FAQ: Where do I get my carbon fiber installation done ?

ANS; Our assigned and contracted Expert/Technician will come over to your location for the carbon fiber installation after payment and appointment confirmation from you.

FAQ: Where do I get my backpack kit delivery ?

ANS; Our assigned and contracted Expert/Technician will come over to your location for the kit delivery and installation after payment and appointment confirmation from you.

FAQ: Can I wrap a leased vehicle?

ANS; Yes. Since carbon fiber wrap can be removed without harming the vehicle, there are no restrictions against installing decal on a leased car.

FAQ: When will I get my second check in the mail and what's the amount ?

ANS; Yes, you will receive a weekly check for $450 ONLY after kit delivery and installation is completed.

FAQ: Can I apply for another 3 months extension after the first duration ?

ANS; Yes you can apply for another 3 months extension.

FAQ: Will I be responsible for the carbon fiber removal after my program ?

ANS; No, our assigned Expert/Technician will also come over to your location for the removal to avoid any damage to your vehicle.

FAQ:What's the size of the backpack kit ?

ANS; The backpack kit comes in 24 inches size which is very portable and lighter to carry with our customized shirt, jacket and polo. 

FAQ:Would I be considered independent contractor or employee?

ANS; Independent contractor, none of our drivers are considered employees of Lipton Tea or our partnered advertiser.

FAQ:Will they wrap my whole car ?

ANS; No the decal outline track is 9 inches and will be install on the front doors only.